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The 2019-20 Pupil Count Days are: Aid and School Finance · Pupil Accounting Manual · Schedule for the Retention and Disposal of Public School Records 

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Michigan Pupil Accounting and Attendance Association (MPAAA) · Pupil Accounting Manual · Pupil Auditing Manual · Center for Educational Performance and  1) will provide access to information and training for the Pupil Accounting. Specialist that is Pupil Accounting Manual (PAM) and requirements related to count  The 2019-20 Pupil Count Days are: Aid and School Finance · Pupil Accounting Manual · Schedule for the Retention and Disposal of Public School Records  Pupil Accounting Forms. If you are not able to access Powerpoint Document Fall Pupil Act. Local Powerpoint 19-20 2018-2019 Pupil Accounting Manual. NEW Pupil Accounting Electronic Notebooks (Moodle) ORIGINAL Pupil of Education - Pupil Accounting Waivers Common Calendar Waiver Labor Day Waiver Accounting and Attendance Association (MPAAA) · Pupil Accounting Manual  Sample pupil accounting forms from MPAAA. MDE Pupil Accounting Manual. This manual provides guidance on pupil membership requirements and count 

3 Oct 2018 Pupil Accounting Terminology. General. PAM – Pupil Accounting Manual. PMAM – Pupil Membership Auditing Manual. SIS – Student  The Jackson County ISD assists local school districts with pupil accounting 2019-20 Pupil Accounting Manual (PAM) MDE - Pupil Accounting Information The NYC DOE handbook on Pupil Accounting for charter schools. Introduction: Introduction to Pupil Accounting; organizational tree of the Pupil Personnel  2 Aug 2018 IMPORTANT Note: The 2018-19 Pupil Accounting Manual was first published of the Act's and Manual's effects on school budgets and pupil. Michigan has two official pupil count days - the first Wednesday in October and the The Pupil Accounting Office works with local school districts to ensure that Records Retention Manual and Disposal Schedule for Michigan Public Schools 

the Pupil Accounting Manual. e) Excused Absence Documentation- There must be a separate list indicating which pupils are absent in any class on the count day and their return date(s) within the 10/30-day period or 45-day period for suspended or expelled pupils. NOTICE OF USE - michigan.gov Michigan Department of Education 2019-20 Pupil Accounting Manual Required Documentation 1-1 1: REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION The documents described in this section must be available at the local or intermediate school district in order to document and support the membership counted. This section indicates the required content of certain 2019-20 Pupil Accounting Manual Notable Changes Pupil Accounting Manual: Notable Changes for 2019-20 . Page . 2. of . 5. Section 3: Pupil Membership Count Requirements . Pupil Enrollment – Students Experiencing Homelessness Updated former language to provide clarification, especially in the context of the enrollment of unaccompanied youth. Replaced GED with High School Equivalency Credential

PDF Document Procedural Safeguards Notice - Michigan Department of Education 10/16/2018. PDF Document Pupil Accounting Manual - 2018-2019 

With all the changes to the Pupil Accounting Manual this year (see above article), this is an important year to NOT miss the fall conference. Keep in mind that a single FTE found, or not lost, because of information learned at this conference, will pay for the cost … Address : 839 Centennial Way, Suite 220 MPAAA Training Series Understanding the processes and procedures of pupil accounting requires a basic understanding of school funding, including knowledge of the State School Aid Act, the School Code, and Administrative Rules. The way these elements intertwine drives the content of the Pupil Accounting Manual and the Pupil Auditing manual. Pupil Accounting Because most MSP funds are based on data received through UTREx submissions, it is important that this data and all pupil accounting be correct. Utah State Board Rules and Utah State Board of Education policy and procedures for apportioning and distributing funds can be found on the Legal and Technical Standards portion of this web page. Pupil Accounting - Administrative - Muskegon Area ISD Oct 02, 2019 · Pupil Accounting forms for the October 2, 2019 and February 12, 2020 membership counts are currently being updated. The new Pupil Accounting Manual has not been released for 2019-20. Please wait for current year forms to be released – do not use old forms.

Information and guidance for local educational agencies (LEAs) to use in accounting and financial reporting.